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Air Duct Cleaning

Through the use of negative air machines and high pressure systems, the air ducts will be cleaned of dust particles, microbial spores, and any other contaminants. This will ensure that no contaminants are circulating through the HVAC system within your home or work space, ensuring a healthier and cleaner environment. We also provide air quality tests, as well as pictures, before and after the cleaning, so you can see your results. The cleaning includes the thorough disinfection and cleaning of fans, blowers, coils, etc.

UV Light Systems

UV light systems are installed in HVAC systems and are very effective in preventing the levels of molds and bacteria in a given area. The UV lights act as sterilizers for the HVAC systems, ensuring that no bacteria are circulating through the air inside of your living or work space. UV lights are also great for eliminating unwanted odors. This is strongly recommended due to its effectiveness in disinfection and purification of the air inside your home.

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